Use your passion to serve!

We all have something we are passionate about. I, for one, am passionate about video games. I love collecting games from the classic Super Nintendo all the way up to PS3 (I don’t have a PS4). If we were to ever get in that discussion of video games, you’d look down at your watch and notice it was two hours later! Now, while I love video games, I am really passionate about Youth Ministry. I love Jesus, I love hanging out with youth, and I love seeing children and teens growing closer to Jesus. Just this past Sunday night at group, I got to hear the beautiful sound of a room filled of kids praising Jesus. It made my night and made me fall in love with my job even more. Now, while Youth Ministry is my passion, you too have a passion. Whether it is playing an instrument, caring for others, leading a small group, or doing missions, you have a passion. The great thing is that you can serve Jesus with that passion. Here are some ways that I believe can help you to get started in finding that opportunity:


The first thing you need to do, is to discover that passion. You may already be involved in ministry with what you love, but if you try to discover other gifts you have, you find more ways to serve. One of the most simple ways to do this, is by taking a spiritual gifts test online. There are countless tests on the internet that will produce what they believe is your best gift and your worst gift. The best way to discover your passion is by trying things out. Serve on a missions project team. Volunteer a couple weeks with the kiddos. Try singing (maybe at home before getting up in front of hundreds of people). There are many more ministries that may be targeted towards your passion, but until you discover that passion, you won’t be able to serve with it.

Sign Up

It may seem silly, but to serve in your passion, you have to sign-up. You do not have to be afraid of what others may think, or if a church will let even let you serve. Nine times out of ten, when a church knows you want to serve, they will try to plug you in somewhere. Do not be afraid because serving in your passion and your calling cannot ever go wrong when we seek God through it. Signing up is the first step in actually becoming a part of a ministry team. Without signing-up, you can’t serve. When you sign-up to serve, you get to serve. Don’t sit in the crowd with these gifts, abilities, and passions. Use them, for God’s glory.

Go All In

The best way to serve is to go all in. You may have heard it before that to get the most out of serving, you have to give God your best. That could not be more true. When we give God our best, He blesses us greatly in what we are doing. You even begin to crave for when your serving opportunity comes, because you love it so much. You can’t wait to honor God week in and week out. When we give it our all, the more lives that will be changed. The more lives that will even experience the light that Jesus gives us all. When we serve, we need to GO ALL-IN for Jesus.


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