How to Find Your Youth Ministry’s Vision

The youth ministry’s visions is something that is very important. It is the reason that your youth ministry exists. This is one of my favorite topics to talk about because the vision is what inspires others. I love to inspire people. For my life, my a vision statement is to help others be the best version of themselves. I see the potential in people. Since I work in youth ministry, I see kids and teens all the time that where they are now is troubling. Instead of looking as that being their future, I think about who they could become. I think that applies to any church, company, or person. Our vision speaks to where we see the potential of our God-given organization. Our youth ministry vision statement is, “Helping students to love God and others through connection, leadership, and self-discovery.” If you don’t have a vision, or looking to have a new one, here are some tips I have to help you find that vision.

What’s the win or wins?

When you think about your youth ministry, what do you and your team see as the win? There are many things that can be counted as a win. Here are some examples from our youth ministry:

  1. To teach children the life of Jesus and what He did for them.
  2. To see kids learning what values God wants them to hold in living their life out.
  3. To effectively equip and inspire high school students to develop a faith of their own.

These are some of the examples of what we see as wins for our programs. This helps to get a good start to finding what you and your team really believe is the vision that God is giving you all for your ministry.

What are the values?

Do you have values for your youth ministry? If not, it is a good idea to start with what you want your students to be, know, and do. It is important to have these values, so that programs are not just programs, but steps to helping the youth develop into the Godly men and women we all want from our respective youth ministries. For starters, I read the book Purpose Driven Youth Ministry by Doug Fields. This helped us to see the values we wanted to instill in our youth. In his book, Fields gives 5 values that each youth ministry should have. Shortened up, they have to do with:

  1. Worship
  2. Ministry
  3. Evangelism
  4. Fellowship
  5. Discipleship

These values come from the Great Commandment (Matt. 22:37-40) and the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20). We took these values and implemented the basis of them in our ministry, but in the sense that we felt God was calling us toward in each. The values you have should be what determine your steps to obtain the wins for your youth ministry. That last sentence is a lot to take in, but matters in helping you to find the vision for your youth ministry. Knowing your wins and values help you to truly know that this is our past, here we are now, and here is where we want to be in the future, which is the last step.

What’s the vision?

After you discover your wins and values, now it’s time to finally write the vision down. This vision is important. It is what the overall ministry is meant to do to help youth grow closer to Christ. The vision is also important to gain followers. We almost always need to have more leaders involved in our youth ministry. People love to join when they know that what they are doing is winning. People don’t want to belong to a losing team. It’s not fun to volunteer your time for something that does not have a purpose. Your vision is the purpose that the youth ministry belongs in the first. Something so small as a quick one sentence writing has so much power. It has the power to inspire people, to align your leaders to a common purpose, and for others to find meaning in what they are helping out in. We all need to find that vision and purpose that God has for us and our ministries to help build it to the potential that it could be.


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