Tips to Being a Spiritually Healthy Leader

Leading takes a lot out of a person. In any form of ministry that you may serve in, there are going to times where you work insane hours and you are exhausted and there may be times where you have to try and find things to do with your time. Either way, we need to be spiritually healthy to serve in our given roles. There was a time not too long ago where my wife and I were tired. We weren’t burnt out, but exhausted because it seemed that we weren’t growing spiritually as a ministry. It seemed more that we were attempting just to keep the group quiet and calm for a Sunday. Soon after, we realized that we hadn’t been praying much or digging deeper into being in an immense relationship with Jesus. We were just being program centered and saying these words without them being spiritually fulfilling. Here are some things that I do to stay spiritually healthy when everything else is going crazy around me.

I Read my Bible to connect to Jesus.

This seems like the easy “I could have told you that answer,” but it’s true. Instead of just reading my Bible for the lessons I am teaching on a given weekend, I read my Bible to truly connect to Jesus. Before I start, I pray that to God that I would just be connected to Him while I am reading. I want God’s love to speak to me in what I am reading. I have found that this alone has shown me things in my life that I need to change for the better. It is honestly been way more challenging than before, but it forces me to be unable to avoid what God is speaking in to me.

I Pray to God.

This is another obvious answer, but I do in a very different way than before. I would pray to God about things going on in life, that He would look over our church and specific ministries and also that He would use us to be disciples for Him. That is fine to pray like that, I still do, but what was lacking is a deep personal prayer with my Heavenly Father. I now say “God I want to connect with you and draw near to you.” I let God know that I want to live for Him and get to know Him in everyday life. In this, I have found this to be a huge help in me being spiritually healthy and has more impact on me in my leadership.

I watch videos.

In watching videos, I watch videos on my computer that will draw me near to God. Specifically, the church I serve at is subscribed to RightNow Media, which is a great resource for your church family to grow closer to Jesus. On this site, they have book specific Bible Studies. I watch these because they split up a Book of the Bible into many sessions, so it allows for the viewer to dive even deeper into that certain book. Since doing this, I have felt incredibly challenged through these videos and they have pushed me into being a better spiritual leader where I serve. There are also amazing communicators that I will watch online. I watch a variety of speakers, so that what I am learning is fresh and may not be expected when watching a single communicator. Videos are a quick, but amazing way to be able to connect to God at a spiritual level and to find things to apply to your leadership.

These are just few of many different things that you can do to be spiritually healthy. Either way, I hope that these tips will help you in being a spiritually healthy leader for the people that you serve. We all need to be spiritually healthy to lead effectively for Christ!


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