Why You Should Enter the Level Up Youth Ministry Give Away!

Level Up Youth Ministry was birthed very recently and I want to give you some backstory why. If you have noticed, this site used to be ben-lock.com. If you click on that link it takes you to levelupyouthministry.com. I felt God giving me a new vision and mission and to help youth workers that wasn’t just focused on what I was doing. I wanted to build something that allowed for youth workers of church sizes and length of time in ministry to come together and serve each other. Level Up Youth Ministry’s goal and purpose is to help youth workers and youth ministries to reach their next level! As you can see, the entire site has pretty much changed. The main change I am excited about is that we are starting to have new people come to write articles! I do not want to be the only voice and want as many people who feel God has given them a voice to help others to be a part of this ministry. If you would love to write for Level Up, please check out the Write for Us page! With all that said, we are doing a new give away out of the excitement of something new! Starting now until January 15th, we are taking sign-ups for to get one of our prizes! Here are just some of the prizes we are giving away!

Super Nintendo with Games!

Yes, you read that right! We are giving away a Super Nintendo! If you aren’t sure what that is, then Google it. It is easily one of the most entertaining game systems of all time!

Message Series Bundle!

This bundle has 25 lessons total! If you are looking to get ahead in your planning, this is a great way of doing so. Each series comes with manuscripts, small group questions, and a ton of graphics. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to grab this bundle. It is only available to a certain few who will randomly get chosen, but that luck person could be you!

Exclusive Easter Series!

We are also giving away a 3-week Easter series. This series looks at some of the events of Jesus right before the cross and while He is on the cross. It’s a great series to help you youth ministries take steps to reach the next level in understanding how far Jesus went for us!

How to Enter

To enter, it is very easy! Each time you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and comment on the give away post, we will enter you into the give away. That is potential for 3 chances to be entered for all of the give aways! For an extra chance, click this link and follow the instructions! So, with four chances to win, your odds could be high to get something good!

We look forward to the future of Level Up and hope it will help take you and your youth ministry to the next level!



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